Established by Dirk Mulder in 1938, Mulder Shipyard has become a renowned member of the Dutch yachtbuilding family. With a Mulder still at its helm, this traditional family business can attribute its excellent reputation to the classic Super Favorite Cruisers, the later Favorite Superieur  and a wide range of custom and semi custom motoryachts. The ever growing Mulder fleet has been a welcome feature of Dutch and international waters for decades. 


In the beginning… 

Dirk Mulder senior established his business in 1938 at the yard’s current location in Voorschoten at the age of 27. While running a hardware shop, a carpentry workshop and building wooden canoes and rowboats, Dirk followed a course in yachtbuilding and marine carpentry in the evenings. Initially Mulder Shipyard mainly built open wooden sailboats like the 16m2 and Pampus racing classes. 

A nine-metre round-bilged sailyacht called DIMU - designed by Mulder himself - was built in massive mahogany with oak frames. There are still several of these types of yachts, now classics, sailing today. At the end of the 1940s, the yard built its first steel sailyacht which started a gradual shift towards steel constructions in the late 1950s. 

The Super Favorite Cruiser

The first motoryacht built at Mulder Shipyard, 7.5 metres long with riveted frames and welded shell plates, was launched in 1953. She was the predecessor to what would later become the renowned Super Favorite Cruiser and was lovingly nicknamed the Baby Favorite. There are also still several of these models on the water today.

From 1965 the yard focused entirely on building motoryachts and the Super Favorite Cruiser became a well-known brand in the Netherlands. The luxurious, elegant yachts had an instantly recognisable flared stern, a massive mahogany superstructure, characteristic windows and the letters DM on the stern. Available in lengths of 8.30, 9.20 and 10.20 metres, a new yacht was launched almost every month. Today the Super Favorite Cruisers are seen as true classics, and their value has increased many times above their original sales price.  

Dirk Robert Mulder takes over

By the late 1960s Dirk Mulder Sr was looking to take things a little easier and for a while his yard was led by a replacement director. In 1984, however, his yard was taken over by 22-year old Dirk Robert Mulder. At this time Mulder senior was 72 years old and fully enjoying his retirement onboard his own Super Favorite Cruiser. 

The Favorite Superior and Mulder Futura

With Dirk Robert Mulder at the helm the yard returned to building the traditional flared stern yachts, while simultaneously updating and upgrading the models and construction methods. The wooden superstructure was on occasions replaced by steel and aluminium, with a classic mahogany (and even white ash) interior. In the late 1980s, the yard delivered various yachts in lengths of 13.50, 15.50 and 17.50 metres called the Favorite Superior. The yard also worked with the A1 Design group to develop several modern yachts under the project name Futura.

A new production shed

In the late 1980s, the yard built a new construction hall in order to increase production. A second large new facility followed in the early 1990s – an indoor dock that enabled work on yachts to continue without having to lift them from the water. Larger yachts could now be built and the first of these was the Mulder 70 Flybridge. With a length of 20.60 metres and beam of 5.60 metres, it had a hard chine steel hull and aluminium superstructure. From this time on, all new models incorporated the name of the yard.

Best yacht

In 1998 Mulder Shipyard passed a new milestone with the launch of the Mulder 74 Flybridge. This round-bilged Lloyd’s certified motoryacht had a length of 22.30 metres and a beam of 5.80 metres, and was built for a client who had already owned two previous Mulder yachts. It featured a luxurious mahogany interior, and was named ‘Best Yacht’ at the HISWA Amsterdam Boat Show in 1998.

The Mulder 68 Convertible

By now Mulder had become a well-known name in the market for larger top-quality luxury yachts. A good example is the Mulder 68 Convertible designed by Guido de Groot. Mulder initially built the yacht for himself, but it was instead sold to a Russian client. The pinnacle of yacht design, this all-aluminium masterpiece was equipped with a completely new type of round-bilged underwater body. The naval architecture was provided by Ginton Naval Architects and the Mulder 68 Convertible was praised for its optimal performance at high top speeds, excellent stability and superior course-keeping at cruising speeds. 

New line of models

In early 2000 the yard started a new line of motoryachts with the Mulder Convertible, Mulder Wheelhouse and Mulder Flybridge. One of the first yachts from the new range, the Mulder 88 Flybridge is a 27-metre aluminium yacht with two 1400 hp engines and a top speed of 27 knots. The superior round-bilged hull provides an excellent performance even in rough seas. The high-level finish includes a stylish cherry interior and professional equipment throughout. The yacht was built for a client who had previously owned a Mulder 74.

The Mulder 70 Wheelhouse

At 21 metres, the round-bilged Mulder 70 Wheelhouse was built as a true gentleman's yacht in 2003 and exudes classic beauty. The steel hull and aluminium superstructure with teak wheelhouse give her a super-stylish look, which is combined with a unique tender storage aft.

Strong international growth

In 2005 the yard gained even more momentum with new Mulder yachts which attracted global attention for their appearance, quality and craftsmanship. The international interest in the yard resulted in orders from various continents, including a new Mulder 68 Convertible for a Russian owner and the construction of a 28-metre yacht for an Egyptian client.

New interior department

In 2007 the yard expanded with a special interior and carpentry department at a second location in Voorschoten. The top-quality work produced here was showcased on the Mulder 73 Wheelhouse, a yacht with a contemporary interior design and – in the owner’s words - ‘an Aston Martin finish’. The Mulder 73 is fully entirely in aluminium to limit her weight, which resulted in an excellent performance.

Built by Mulder

In 2009 the 24-metre motoryacht Eleonore attracted a great deal of interest at the Amsterdam in-water Boat Show from both the media and visitors. The yacht is equipped with the very latest technologies and features unique retro lines. Mulder Shipyard built the yacht to a design by Theo Werner. Although our own designs have achieved international acclaim, Eleonore shows that Mulder Shipyard is also eminently capable of building yachts outside of our in-house delivery programme. The ‘Built by Mulder’ label underlines the yacht’s superior Mulder quality.

Into the third generation 

In 2010 Nick Mulder joined the yard to assist his father in the daily operations at Mulder Shipyard. He was then 22 years old, the same age as his father when he started working there. Nick is currently co-responsible for the motoryacht sales and together with his father and the yard’s management team examining ways to stimulate further growth.

A new yard

In 2013 Mulder Shipyard opened a brand-new location in Zoeterwoude-Rijndijk, just ten kilometres from the yard in Voorschoten and a 15-minute drive from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. This premium facility will focus on the maintenance, refitting and construction of yachts from 18 to 45 metres. The yard in Voorschoten will remain in operation, building and maintaining smaller yachts.  

The largest Mulder to date

In August 2015 Mulder delivered the 34 meter M/Y SOLIS, the largest Mulder to date and the first Mulder to LY3 standards. With a gross tonnage of 315, the yacht is certified for unrestricted navigation and has transatlantic range. Driven by a contemporary family with unique philosophy of living, this custom-made philosophy was translated into a human and operational project of excellence. This philosophy has been recognized internationally in May 2016, when SOLIS was awarded with a Neptune at the prestigious World Superyacht Awards.


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