Two Favorite 1500 yachts delivered

July 19, 2019

The Spring of 2019 kicked off well for Mulder with the delivery of two brand new Favorite 1500’s. Where BN115 “LuLu” is delivered to Hamburg, Germany, BN116 “OTIS” stays close to the yard, having her berth in Mulder’s latest acquisition: the Mulder Marina, a 4.000 m2 covered shed on the ideal location directly on the beautiful Kagerplassen.

LuLu has the looks as her sister Favorite 1500’s, but appearances are deceptive. This 1500 has a fully customized tenderstorage, with topquality in-house engineering resulting in the possibility to host a 2,9M Williams Jettender. LuLu is named after a secretive language, and built with all options one could want and ready for longer voyages with family in the Baltic.

Apart from being the first Mulder Favorite 1500 in the Mulder Marina, OTIS is also the first Favorite 1500 with a Seakeeper stabilization system integrated. Amazingly engineered and integrated in the tenderstorage floor, the results of the Seakeeper system are very promising. Together with an integrated gangway and a combination of floorheating and airconditioning OTIS is the perfect year-round travel companion.

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