Sardinia has some of Mediterranean’s most breathtaking beaches, and combines this with a lot of great restaurants and bars. This all without the noises and stress of the Italian mainland. Some of Sardinia top beaches and hot-spots can only be reached by boat. This makes some Sardinia experiences even more exclusive and relaxing. The Sardinians really like children, or bambini as they call them. Everywhere you go they will be welcomed with open arms, in combination with the easygoing vibe on the island and the gently beaches, makes Sardinia the perfect family travel destination.

Porto Cervo

With an incredible coastal scenery surrounding Porto Cervo it’s an amazing place to cruise along on your Mulder. On the Emerald Coast this is the center of active daily life. Nearly everyone visits Porto Cervo by boat. There’re various activities do you do in this magnificent place and its surroundings. On the island of Sardinia Porto Cervo is the best place to do your shopping. Browse at the several boutiques this place has. For a more active lifestyle you can go to the 18-hole Pevero golf course. After your daily activities treat yourself to a spa treatment in one of the luxury resorts. The top tip for a cocktail is Hotel Cala di Volpe. This hotel, which starred in the James Bond movie The Spy Who Loved Me (1977), is one of the best hotels on the island. It’s a popular location where you can enjoy a couple of laid-back days. Porto Cervo is also a top party destination. Listen to live music at the numerous outdoor beach clubs like Phi Beach at Baia Sardinia.

Porto Rotondo

The resort village Porto Rotondo is located just south of Porto Cervo and is much more laid back than the more up-market Porto Cervo. It is best known for its private beaches which are characterized by numerous of tiny coves. It is the recommended place if you prefer to be unrecognized by the public. For diner visit the Hotel Sporting which is offering Mediterranean cuisine featuring local fish and seafood dishes combined with a good selection of wines.


Cala di Luna

One of the best beaches in the Mediterranean is Cala di Luna. It’s located southeast of the island. This beach is so beautiful, it’s almost unreal. Recommended is to visit Cala di Luna in early morning during sunrise. The sun rises right in front of the beach. Anchor your Mulder offshore and enjoy the scenic views of the limestone cliffs. If you want to explore more wild coastal lines visit the nearby Cala Goloritzè.


The ‘old town’, biggest city and capital of Sardinia is Cagliari. It’s located at the south end of the island. The best way to see Cagliari is when you approach the city from the sea with your Mulder. Going ashore can be done in the modern harbor or visit Cagliari’s marina located between the modern harbor and the castle. This is the old harbor district. This port city was founded in the seventh century b. C. Cagliari is the most “Italian” of Sardinia’s cities. The city itself is a charming hilly labyrinth of sandy-colored medieval buildings and contains an archaeology museum that houses a Nuraghi collection. Nuraghi are the 4,000-year-old stone defensive structures unique to the island. There are two recommended streets to go shopping in Cagliari, Via Rome and Via Manu.